Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project #10 (Final PLN Post)

personal learning network

Although my PLN is not as immense or as vast as others, it has come a long way since the first report. As of right now these are the main websites and people that I find helpful as a junior in college.

These are the tools incorporated my PLN:

1. Google (used for Docs, Google +, main search engine, G-mail, etc.)
2. Yahoo (used for e-mail and another search engine)
3. Facebook
4. Twitter
5. Edmodo
6. YouTube
7. Blogger (used for blogging and following others)
8. Delicious
9. Wikipedia
10. University of South Alabama Homepage (used for PAWS, contacts, e-mail, etc.)
11. EDM 310 Blogspot (used for Student links, assignments, etc.)
12. Mr. McClung’s blog
13. John Strange’s blog
14. Sylvia Talisano
15. Scott McLeod

These are the main websites that I visit on a daily basis. I could brake down my PLN even more and have each site, like PAWS, USA e-mail, and teacher’s websites, individually shown; but I find it easy enough to navigate through the main website, finding my way to what I am looking for at the time. I am sure this list will change and grow over my years of teaching.

I plan to keep expanding my PLN!

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