Sunday, April 29, 2012

C4T #4

awaiting moderation

My assigned teacher for C4T #4 was Andrea Hernandez. Andrea is an elementary educator from Jacksonville, Florida. She is involved in “ed tech” at her school. The first blog that I commented on was “Who Moderates Comments on Student Blogs?”. This blog post was a good one for me to read because, although I figured the teacher moderated the comments, I was unsure. I recall seeing “comment awaiting moderation” on almost all of my C4K comments. In this post, she addresses an issue with a parent. The concern was about the school being a good spam filter for students’ blog. She goes on to explain how she analyzed and addressed the situation. The final section of this post asks if “we” should put the students in control. In this section she explains the potential risks and spam in this section.

In my comment, I told Andrea who I was and explained EDM310. I said that I felt students could control their blogs at an older age, but younger students, like elementary students, should have their blogs filtered by teachers. I think the internet does have some risks, but if taught properly, students can learn to use the internet responsibly. Parents, an older generation, think that the internet is “bad”, but they need to understand that they are only hindering their child’s learning by keeping them away from technology.

The second post that I commented on was “Using iPads to Creat eBooks with 2nd Grade”. In this post Andrea explains a project that she did with her second grade students. This project was based on reading with an iPad, then writing an eBook. She included the eBook on this post. I enjoyed reading and looking at this project. In my comment I told her about this class and said that we had blogged with elementary students and watched 1st graders use computers in their classroom. I told her that I am always amazed when I watch young kids use computers. I loved the eBook. 

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