Saturday, April 21, 2012

C4K Summary #3

 Claudia's My place
C4K #7: For this assignment and the World Challenge, I was assigned Claudia who is from a little town in Tauranga named Mount Maunganui in New Zealand. The post that I commented on was a picture called “My Place”. This picture could be enlarged and it described the small town where Claudia lives. In my comment, I told her that I was a student at the University of South Alabama and that I was planning to be a teacher. I told her that I had never been to New Zealand, but like her small town, Mobile has a few beaches right around the corner. Along with telling her about our beaches, I compared and contrasted Mobile with Mount Maunganui. I asked her what is her favorite flavor of ice cream and what is her favorite “sporting event” to play.

Since Claudia did not write another blog post the next week, I had to ask for an “alternate assignment”.

C4K #8: For C4K #8 I was assigned Brennanm. I could not find out much about Brennanm, but he was the first student to comment back! In this post, Brennanm explains his favorite Nascar driver, number 8. He says that he likes this driver because “he runs hard, wins, and is good”. In my comment, I told Brennanm who I am and that I enjoyed watching the races on the weekends. I told him that my favorite driver was Dale Earnhardt in the number 3 car, but he had a very bad wreck. After telling him that I agreed with him on the number 8 car, I asked him if he liked any other drivers.

Since Claudia still had not written another blog post, I emailed Dr. Strange asking for another “alternate assignment”, but in the mean time I commented on Brennanm blog again. I ended up with two C4K #9.

burning garbage
C4K #9a: For this week’s assignment, I continued to comment on Brennanm’s blog because I was thrilled when he commented back. This blog post was about burning hourse hold garbage. In this post, Brennanm explained that burning garbage makes pollution and pollution is not good for humans or the environment.  He also said that burning garbage could cause forest fires. In my comment, I agreed with Brennanm because anything, like cars, that causes pollution is not good for the environment. I also explained that, although man-made forest fires are not good for the environment, sometimes natural forest fires are good for forests vegetation. I asked him if he had ever seen a forest fire; he did not respond.

toilet paper roll
C4K #9b: For my alternate, “alternate assignment”, I was assigned Lauren, and the blog post that I commented on was about toilet paper rolls. In this post, Lauren stated “in the U.S. there is 160 million pounds of waste that comes from 17 billion toilet paper tubes”. She says that we should start using less toilet paper. In my comment to Lauren, I told her who I am and that I was shocked to see these statistics. I asked her to think about how long it takes plastic to decompose compared to the rate of cardboard decomposing. I told her that I recycle and asked her if she recycled anything; and I also said that is might be hard for some people to use less toilet paper, so maybe we should recycle the cardboard rolls.

Kerstein's tennis ball
C4K #10: For my final C4K, I was assigned Kerstein. I commented on “Kerstein’s Tennis Ball Story”. This post is a video of Kerstein telling a story about a tennis ball. Following this post is Kerstein's story and the picture to the left is a drawing of her ball. She says that her and her friends like to throw the tennis ball, and that tennis balls are furry. In my comment, I stated who I am and that I liked to play tennis. I also told her that my dog's favorite toy is a tennis ball. I asked her if she had ever played tennis. At the end of my comment, I told her that I loved her story.

Kerstein's Tennis Ball Story

Kerstein Wrote a Story about a tennis ball. from Jenny She on Vimeo.

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