Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts- Special Post #12A

the future belongs to the curious

Creativity, Curiosity and Education

I believe that schools around the United States have slowly destroyed the development of curiosity and creativity in students. I think this is happening because students, sometimes including myself, have learned to do just enough to get by. If we receive a decent grade, even an A, by doing the minimum work, then why would a student work any harder? If teachers are awarding outstanding grade to students who do not care, what driving force do they have to try harder? Curiosity and creativity is developed when a student must research, study, comprehend, and recap the lesson. This is true for any subject, math, science, history, or english. I believe this class’s curriculum pushes it’s students to the maximum. I want an A and the only way to be rewarded with an A is to be creative and curious, know how to time manage, and learn from others. I think more classes should be set up this way. The key components, such as admitting the students to do work at their own pace, allow students to make their own decisions and the consequences are fail and/or retake the class. This EDM 310 class is a lot of work, but with the right mind set and goals, a good grade is possible to those who are willing to be creative and work hard.

There will be some students who do not care about classes, but not all students are like this. If a student is unwilling to work hard, then there is nothing a teacher can do to change their attitude. Creativity and curiosity is an element of wanting to learn. No matter how hard we, as educators, stress the idea of how important a lesson is or a bad grade will be rewarded for poor work, some students will have a the sour/bad attitude. I think the worst thing to do for a student with a bad attitude towards learning is to assign busy work. Nobody, including good students, wants to sit at a computer or desk for hours on end doing busy work.

The best idea for creativity and curiosity is to show the students how the assignment or lesson pertains to them. If I am interested in a subject or find that what I am researching relates to me, I am more willing to do the task and enjoy doing it. By turning the lesson into something that affects the student, they are more willing to learn.

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