Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blog Assignment 10


Do You Teach or Do You Educate?

According to this video, the verb “teach” means (1) to show or explain how to do something (2) to encourage someone to accept as a fact or principle (3) to give information about or instruction in (4) to cause someone to learn or understand something or (5) to induce by example or punishment to do or not do something. According to this video, an “educator” is, one who gives moral and social instruction, a mentor, an experienced and trusted advisor, a guide, a person who advises and shows the way. This was an interesting video, in that, I had never thought about the difference between an “educator” and a “teacher”. Honestly, I use the terms interchangeably. Is it possible to be both? After thinking about these definitions, I believe I fall under both categories. I believe that I will be a “teacher” because I will show or explain how to do something and cause some to learn or understand something; but, I also believe I will fall under the category of an “educator”, as well.
I believe that the standards of the “normal” or past teacher have changed vastly. Teachers used to be here for only teaching purposes. They were the epitome of the above definition. Now days, teachers have transformed into educators, and are showing the way and setting examples for students. I think I will be more of an educator than a teacher. I intend to be a mentor, an instructor, a guide and an example for my students. I loved this video!


Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home

This was an interesting blog post as well, but Gertrude’s mindset does not surprise me, at all. I know plenty of people that read anything and everything and believe every last sentence. Gertrude is not the only person in the world who believes everything she reads. After reading this post, I thought about people going on diets. Everyone knows that eating right and exercise will lead to weight loss, but people would rather take every diet pill on the shelf before exercising. The main point to this post is we should focus on the problem, or situation, and solve it directly instead of beating around the bush. Gertrude wants to stop sending pencils home because that is causing lower tests grade instead of changing the teaching techniques.
Teachers need to focus on their students and their needs. If their test scores are low, then we need to figure out what is causing low test grades, and change. Every student deserves a wholesome education, and it is our job, as teachers, to make sure they obtain this education. 


  1. Hey Abigail,
    I enjoyed reading your post. I also feel like I will be both a teacher and an educator. As far as, "Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home", I took it as the pencils representing technology and how many feel that technology is not an efficient educational tool for children. As for not taking the "pencils" home, I viewed this as how many feel when a child uses technology at home. Many assume a child is only "playing" and not gaining anything beneficial from the use of say, a computer, at home. However, this is not always the case. Many children are learning even when playing a game. The child doesn't always realize they are learning something.
    I like how you mentioned that Gertrude is the type of person who believes everything they read and buys in to all the "hype". So many people are way way way too focused on test scores and this is a whole other issue in and of itself.
    Great post and keep up the good work!

  2. I think being a teacher and educator is a perfect combination.
    Kate is right about the pencils representing technology. How relevant is Tom Johnson's post now? And how absurd does Gertrude sound telling him not to let the students take pencils home? We're all going to look back one day and think of how absurd it was not to let children take technology home!